Transition from JS SDK to new REST API

Are you using the (outdated) JS SDK on your website (see and planning to switch to the new REST API? Here is the recommended procedure.

If you encounter any issues or uncertainties during the transition to the new REST API, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Project Setup and Obtaining API Key

  • In the My Account portal, create a project for your application.
  • Within the project, create one or more API keys – it is suitable to have one API key for testing/development and separate production API keys for each application within this project.
  • For more information, see Getting Started with REST API.

Choosing the Right Technology

The new REST API is only a data/functional interface. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable display technology based on the technological requirements and preferences of developers.

Map Display

  • For the basic scenario of displaying a map on the web, we recommend using one of the open-source Map Libraries.
  • You can start easily by copying one of our tutorials, such as Switching Map Layers. The tutorials already correctly address the required attribution.
  • When working with the map, it is usually necessary to render various data (icons, geometry, pop-up windows, etc.). Here, you need to refer to the documentation and examples of the chosen library; links can be found here.

Address Autocompletion

  • Another common scenario is address autocompletion.
  • The REST API provides functions with many configuration options.
  • Developers only need to ensure a suitable implementation on the application’s frontend.
  • There are plenty of ready-made components that easily integrate with REST functions.
  • For inspiration, you can refer to the autocompletion tutorial.

Mobile and Desktop Applications

  • The original JS API only allowed development for web applications.
  • Now you can use the data in mobile, desktop, and server applications.
  • So don’t limit yourself 🙂.

Before Deployment to Production

  • Estimate the monthly credit consumption and choose a suitable business tariff accordingly.
  • If you are replacing the old JS SDK API in an already running project, we can help estimate the monthly consumptionwrite to us indicating the API domains you use.
  • Based on the estimated consumption and the chosen business tariff, it may be necessary for larger projects to enable paid consumption.
  • If the consumption exceeds 20 million credits, contact our sales representative. Individual prices can be negotiated within the “Custom Tariff.”