What is Mapy.cz REST API?

The new Mapy.cz REST API allows you to utilize maps and map functions (geocoding, route planning, …) in your own web, mobile, or desktop application.

This API is not bound to any specific component or display technology. It provides only data and functions that can be used and displayed according to the needs of your project. Typically, this is done using some open-source map library (such as Leaflet, MapLibre, etc.).

Quick Start

Before diving into detailed documentation, take a look at the short guide on how to get started with the REST API.

Free or Paid

The REST API is available for free, within the limits of the chosen tariff credits.

What You Will Find Here

  • API Key – to use the Mapy.cz REST API, you need to register and obtain your own API key.
  • REST API Functions – detailed description of REST API functions
  • Map Libraries – which libraries can be used to display maps and data from the REST API
  • Attribution – how to properly attribute logos and copyright
  • Tutorials – practical examples and illustrations on how to use the REST API.
  • Testing Laboratory – try out function calls and see the data they return