How much does REST API cost?

To ensure fair payment for what you actually use, the price is determined based on the actual consumption. Each individual use of API functions costs a certain number of credits.

Function Number of credits per one call
Downloading one map tile (a map consists of multiple tiles – try it out) 1 credit / 1 tile
Address search (geocoding, reverse geocoding, autocompletion) 4 credits
Route planning 4 credits
Matrix routing 10×10 40 credits
Static map 4 credits
Elevation function 4 credits
Downloading one panorama tile (a panorama sphere consists of multiple tiles) 1 credit / 1 tile

How do I get credits?

To obtain credits, choose one of our tariffs.

Basic tariff

Free credits
every month
Price for higher consumption
per 1,000 credits
1.60 CZK

You automatically get the Basic tariff upon Project registration.
The free credits in this tariff are intended for testing or operating smaller projects.

Extended tariff

Free credits
every month
Price for higher consumption
per 1,000 credits
1.60 CZK

We want to support your projects, including commercial ones.
Therefore, we offer a subsidized tariff where you get a truly large number of credits for free.
To receive this discount, your project must meet the Conditions (see below).

If your monthly consumption exceeds 20 million credits, contact us. Individual prices can be arranged within the “Tailor-made Tariff”.

Conditions for obtaining Extended tariff

If you want to obtain the Extended tariff, your Project must meet the following conditions:

  • It is publicly and freely accessible to all users. Users must not be restricted in any way from accessing the full scope of the application.
  • It includes only map data and does not combine it with other sources of map data.
  • It correctly displays the logo and copyright as defined in the documentation.

These conditions need to be confirmed by Affidavit, and this declaration must be renewed once a year.

To get an idea of tile consumption, take a look at the Interactive Demo.

You can see the actual consumption in the My Account administration.

The API can also be used for free. However, when the available credits are exhausted, payment is required for further API function calls.

The REST API of is paid through the service Seznam Peněženka (Wallet).

Billing takes place on the first day of the month for the previous month. The paid consumption is covered by debiting credits from Seznam Peněženka (Wallet).

Credits can be recharged into Seznam Peněženka (Wallet) in many ways, such as bank transfer, credit card, online directly from the client’s account or through our sales department, or the assigned account manager of

All prices on this page are listed without VAT.

How do I pay for the credits?

If your monthly consumption exceeds the free credits, you will need to pay for additional credits. However, there will be no charged consumption without your consent.

You will only pay for the credits you have actually used in a given month. You can conveniently pay for them via Seznam Peněženka (Wallet).

Is it worth switching to API?

Definitely. For publicly available free projects in the Discounted tariff (including commercial ones), we offer 10 million credits (= 16,000 CZK) for free every month.

Even if the free credits are not sufficient, we offer more favorable prices than the largest global providers of mapping services.

If your consumption is truly significant, contact us for a custom offer.