Frequently asked questions

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Each application (Project) operates within a commercial Tariff. We offer two tariffs, Basic and Discounted. Each Tariff comes with a certain amount of Free Credits, which you can use for free on a monthly basis.

If your project consumes all the Free Credits, you will need to activate Paid Consumption and pay for additional credits.

For more information, please visit the page Pricing.

The API can also be used for free. However, when the available credits are exhausted, payment is required for further API function calls.

The REST API of is paid through the service Seznam Peněženka (Wallet).

Billing takes place on the first day of the month for the previous month. The paid consumption is covered by debiting credits from Seznam Peněženka (Wallet).

Credits can be recharged into Seznam Peněženka (Wallet) in many ways, such as bank transfer, credit card, etc.

Free credits in your chosen tariff are not enough. Then you need to turn on paid consumption, otherwise the API risks stopping when the free credits are used up by the end of the month.

Read the detailed instructions on how to turn on paid consumption.

The old API is a set of JavaScript components that display a map on a web page. The new REST API is a functional and data-oriented API based on REST principles. It provides data (map tiles) and functions (geocoding, route planning) but is not tied to any specific rendering technology or environment. You can use it with any third-party library (see Map libraries) or develop your own solution. You can utilize the data and functions on websites, mobile applications, desktop applications, or the backend – whatever suits your needs.