Create static maps using the REST API

Several examples of using the Static Maps function.

The sample code in the example is always inserted into <img src=”…”> and the page directly displays the result.

Simple Tourist Map

The tourist map is centered on the middle of Špindlerův Mlýn, with a requested zoom of 16 and image size of 300x200px.

Aerial Map with a Marker

We change the map to aerial and add one marker.;size:normal;15.6081,50.7250&apikey=YourApiKey

Winter Map with Three Markers – Bestfit

In this example, we add 3 markers to the map. We do not use lat, lon, or zoom – the area will automatically adjust to ensure the markers are visible.;size:normal;label:A;15.6051,50.7270&markers=color:green;size:normal;label:B;15.6111,50.7230&markers=color:blue;size:normal;label:C;15.6031,50.7220&apikey=YourApiKey

Using a Bounding Box

In this case, we specify lat, lon twice (and do not provide zoom). This determines the bounding box, or the area that should be displayed on the map. In this case, for the whole Czech Republic.

Scale 1 vs 2

Two identical images, the second with retina resolution (scale 2).;size:normal;label:1;15.742,50.735&apikey=YourApiKey;size:normal;label:1;15.742,50.735&apikey=YourApiKey