Extended tariff

We want to support your projects, including commercial ones. Therefore, in addition to the Basic tariff, we offer a subsidized Extended tariff, in which you will get a really large amount of credits for free.

To get this benefit, your project must meet the following conditions:

If you want to obtain the Extended tariff, your Project must meet the following conditions:

  • It is publicly and freely accessible to all users. Users must not be restricted in any way from accessing the full scope of the application.
  • It includes only Mapy.cz map data and does not combine it with other sources of map data.
  • It correctly displays the Mapy.cz logo and copyright as defined in the documentation.

These conditions need to be confirmed by Affidavit, and this declaration must be renewed once a year.

How to get an Extended tariff

In case of interest in the Extended Tariff (more free credits), it is necessary to fill in the Affidavit (i.e., click on the “Get an extended tariff” button on the Financial Settings tab, fill in and approve the necessary data). Before sending the form with the Affidavit, make sure that your project really meets all the conditions for the Extended Tariff. This honorable declaration also needs to be renewed once a year.

Checking the Extended tariff

You can start using the Extended tariff immediately after filling in the honorable declaration. We will check from time to time whether you meet the conditions. If we come to the conclusion that the project does not meet the conditions, we will contact you with a call for correction. In this case, please:

  • If possible, adjust the project as quickly as possible to meet the conditions.
  • If the adjustment is not possible, switch back to the Basic tariff. You do this again on the Financial Settings tab, using the Cancel extended tariff link.
  • In any case, please contact us and let us know that you are dealing with the situation.
  • If there is no response to the call, your project may be completely suspended.