Seznam Wallet

The REST API is paid through the Client Zone (Klientská zóna), which includes the Seznam Peněženka (Wallet) service.

Billing always takes place on the first day of the month for the previous month. The payment for the consumption exceeding the Free credits of your tariff is made by deducting funds from the Peněženka (Wallet).

At the end of the month, the Peněženka (Wallet) must therefore have sufficient funds to cover the API usage. If not, a debt will be created in the Peněženka (Wallet), and the API will be suspended until this debt is paid.

Attention, in the Portal “Můj účet” (My account), we display amounts without VAT. In the Peněženka (Wallet), you need to ensure sufficient funds including VAT.

Registration of the Wallet and Its Linking to the Project

To register and log in to the Seznam Peněženka (Wallet) service, use a valid Seznam account. It can be the same account you use to log in to the “Můj účet” (My account) Portal for API management, but it is not required.

Attention, the Peněženka (Wallet) for paying the API must be Authorized.

The Peněženka (Wallet) needs to be linked to your Project (i.e., you need to specify which Peněženka (Wallet) will be used to pay for the consumption in this Project). You can do this in the Financial Settings of the Project.

After linking the wallet, Paid Consumption will be enabled, allowing you to make API calls beyond the Free credits of your tariff (without enabling paid consumption, API usage will be suspended after consuming the Free credits until the end of the month).

Credit Recharge Method for the Peněženka (Wallet)

You can recharge your credit using a bank transfer, payment card, direct online payment from the client’s account, or through our business department or assigned business representative of

After authorizing your account in the Seznam Peněženka (Wallet) and recharging the credit, you can download an invoice from the Client Zone interface, which you can include in your company expenses.


Take advantage of the option of automatic credit recharge in the Client Zone, as it reduces the likelihood of API suspension due to accrued debt. When ordering with a payment card, check the “Enable easy card payments” option, and after recharging, choose “Automate Payments.” This will take you to a page where you can set up a rule for automatic recharging.

Authorization of the Peněženka (Wallet)

To pay for the REST API service with your Peněženka (Wallet), it must be Authorized.

You can perform the Authorization or Submission of Billing and Contact Information on the Settings page.

By filling in the required information and approving it, your account will be authorized.

If You Have a Czech IČO (Identification Number)

  • In the settings, choose I have IČO.
  • Enter your IČO, click the “Vyhledat” (Search) button. Basic information and billing address will be automatically retrieved from the registry.

If You Don’t Have an IČO

  • In the settings, choose I don’t have IČO – Czech non-business individual.
  • As a Non-business individual, you can use BankID to enter your Basic information and billing address. When using BankID, the information is approved instantly.
  • Alternatively, you can enter the information manually by filling in the Basic information and billing address fields.

Foreign Customers (Outside the Czech Republic)

  • In the settings, choose I don’t have IČO – Foreign customer.
  • As a Foreign customer, fill in the Basic information about the company and billing address.

Then, complete the Contact Person details and provide an email address for Electronic Invoicing, to which we will send the tax documents. If you do not want to receive tax documents via email, you can disable Electronic Invoicing. In this case, you can download the documents on the Orders page.

Save the completed form by clicking on Odeslat změny ke schválení (Submit changes for approval).

Authorization Approval Process

If the Basic information and Billing address match the registry, they will be approved immediately. If the information does not match the registry, the request will be sent to the Billing Department for verification, which usually processes the authorization request within 2 business days. You will be notified of the approval/disapproval by email.